Calvert Energy is focused on developing, financing, constructing and operating distributed generation projects using a power purchase agreement structure with its customers.

Energy Cost Savings: The customer purchases energy from Calvert Energy through a long term contract at a discounted rate to the local utility. The energy from the distributed generation facility replaces the customer’s energy needs from the utility/cooperative.

No Cost to Customer: The customer is not required to commit any capital to the development, construction or on-going operation of the generating facility.

Turnkey Solution: Calvert Energy will manage the entire process including development, permitting, financing, construction and operations and provide a turnkey solution to provide the energy solution product to the customer.

Price Certainty: The contracted energy supply sets the price for the future and allows the customer to hedge against future energy price increases and enables the customer to forecast its future energy costs.

Free Consultation: Calvert Energy will evaluate renewable energy alternatives and provide an optimized distributed generation solution proposal to the customer free of charge.

Interests Aligned: The customer and Calvert Energy both rely on the production from the facility to realize their strategic goals.

Environmental Benefits: The energy solutions utilize resources which generate power for the customer with the least impact on the environment.