Energy Solutions

Solar Photovoltaic

Solar photovoltaic power is a great solution for many customers that are able to leverage their existing building or land resources to harness the power of the sun. Photovoltaic panels convert the solar power directly to electrical energy for use on site by the customer. The solar system is readily integrated into the roofing system of the building or on the customer’s land. Solar projects produce no noise concerns and have very limited aesthetic impact.

Waste Heat

The generation of power from waste heat is an excellent use of energy that is traditionally lost/wasted. Electrical power is generated from the waste heat using an organic rankine cycle (ORC). Hot water streams greater than 200 °F and up to 1000 gpm can be used directly to provide the heat source to the ORC. Alternatively, gaseous waste heat streams generally greater than 450 °F and 25,000 scfm can be used to extract adequate energy to support the ORC. In addition to the generation of electricity, the production of thermal energy in the form of hot water and/or steam can be incorporated into the ORC system or alternatively, through an independent system depending on the needs of the customer.

Gas Turbine/Combined Heat and Power

Natural gas is an abundant, low cost fuel source that emits half of the carbon dioxide as coal. Gas turbine plants are highly efficient and provide tremendous flexibility in responding to the energy needs of the customer. A combined heat and power plant utilizes the waste heat from the gas turbine to produce steam that can be used to generate more electricity and/or as a thermal energy source.

Battery Storage

As more intermittent energy sources are added to the grid, battery storage enables the electrical system to be responsive and flexible. The battery can charge during times of excess generation and discharge at times of higher demand. The battery also provides instantaneous response to system fluctuations to help smooth the delivery of power.