About Us

With over 28 years of broad development, financing and commercial experience in the competitive energy markets, Calvert Energy is able to provide the most cost efficient and effective energy solution for our customers.

Energy project development is a diverse and complex process affected by dynamic energy markets, evolving technologies, changing legislation and environmental regulations, and local, state and federal requirements and incentives. We create value for our customers and partners by understanding the many inter-related variables of the energy industry and developing distributed generation projects in a strategic and efficient manner that deliver energy products that save money and reduce impact on the environment.

The company takes all of the risk associated with the development, financing, construction and operations and maintenance of the distributed generation facility. The customer simply purchases the energy products from Calvert Energy under a long term contract instead of purchasing them from the local utility or cooperative. This structure enables the customer to focus its human and capital resources on its core business and benefit from critical energy solutions that provide electricity cost savings and reduced carbon footprint.